Bentley Belt Bath Lift bath aid from RA Mobility

Bentley Belt Bath Lift



Specification Includes:

  • Bentley bath lift with remote control
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Temperature probe
  • Anchor Bar
  • Back Plate
  • Slip Cushion
  • 13 stainless steel expansion bolts
  • Operating instructions


  • The construction of the bath lift is of marine grade stainless steel with the cover of a high quality strong UPVC.
  • There are many built – in features to ensure the safety of the user.
  • All the buttons are light touch and waterproof.
  • Battery operated with the latest lithium battery management system, enabling the battery to be very light and easy to handle.
  • The charging time of the battery is only two hours and a fully charged battery can do approximately 20 lifts.
  • The bath lift is shower proof so there’s no need to remove it when having a shower.
  • A floating remote control
  • It has a temperature probe to measure the desired temperature of the bath water.
  • A slip cushion is included to provide a comfortable seat when lowering or raising the belt.
  •  This belt bath lift price is fantastic value at only £745 with FREE SHIPPING!
  •  Comes with 12 months’ guarantee