Robert and Annie Joppe are RA Mobility

Robert and Annie have been working in the mobility market for the past 20 years sourcing and designing mobility bathing aids to make life easier for people with mobility needs. Robert says, “I know firsthand how important it is to have confidence in mobility equipment. 

Annie and Robert Joppe RA Mobility

Twenty years ago I was in a car accident and spent three months in hospital, in traction. Once at home I discovered how inadequate most domestic mobility aids were. Not only were they rickety and poorly built (not what you want to be trusting your body to after experiencing a bad leg break) but some were downright dangerous. As an engineer I realised this could not be allowed to continue. I designed the Bentley Belt Bathlift from scratch, incorporating into the design rugged reliability, along with absolute attention to safety.

Each unit we sell is personally checked by me. It is this attention to detail that makes buying Mobility products from us so reassuring. Annie and I are the faces of RA Mobility, when you contact us you can expect knowledgeable and efficient customer service that is second to none.”